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GentleWave – Huntsville, AL

State-of-the Art Root Canal Treatment

Here at Dr. Deborah Bishop’s endodontic practice, we use the industry’s most advanced technology to provide the best possible treatment. That’s why Dr. Bishop and our dedicated team take advantage of the GentleWave procedure, an innovative method of performing root canal treatment without having to resort to the more invasive measures used in traditional root canals. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.

What is GentleWave?

GentleWave is an alternative therapy to traditional root canal treatment that thoroughly deep cleans the root canal system, even in microscopic places where bacteria can remain undetected or where instruments are unable to reach easily. This cutting-edge technology removes bacteria, debris, and tissue from the affected tooth in a relatively gentle way, just as the name suggests. Through GentleWave, Dr. Bishop can perform root canal therapy more effectively and efficiently.

How does GentleWave work?

The GentleWave system uses optimized and concentrated fluids to clean the interior of the tooth and utilizes broad spectrum acoustic waves to penetrate and disinfect the small, complex root canals to ensure that harmful bacteria are completely eliminated. This revolutionary irrigation process effectively ensures success, prevents reinfection in the future, and has transformed endodontic care around the country.

What are the benefits of GentleWave?

Although the GentleWave procedure still accesses the infected root canal system, it entails a minimally invasive protocol, which preserves more of the natural tooth structure. For example, in some cases, we may be able to place a tooth-colored filling instead of an entire dental crown after treatment with GentleWave. And keeping more of your strong tooth structure intact is basically always a good thing!

In many cases, the entire process—the GentleWave procedure and placing the filling—can be completed in just one appointment, whereas traditional root canal therapy can require multiple visits. This saves you time and allows you to get back to your life sooner.

In addition, because of GentleWave’s unique, effective system, the odds of failure are less than that of traditional root canal therapy.

Ready for endodontic treatment?

Do you need root canal therapy? Come to Dr. Bishop to be treated with the GentleWave system. You can rest assured that this superior technology will provide the care you need to get back to full oral health. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!